As if Periods Weren’t Difficult Enough…

My Mast Cell Activation Disorder (MCAD) has been a tad bit more touchy than normal lately.

You may recall that in May of this year I was in the ER for an adrenal crisis when a tech came in to perform an EKG because my potassium levels were through the floor and she was wearing a strong smelling lotion that caused my face to swell and my throat to start to close…

After that one incident we didn’t have any others like that for quite a while…

But then I had an incident where I woke up from a dead sleep and suddenly felt like I was going to vomit so I threw my hand over my mouth and tried to make it to the bathroom but started vomiting… and as I heaved I happened to be breathing in and aspirated on my own vomit before I could make it to the bathroom.

That was in June or July and my lungs have not been happy since. Every time I am around any kind of fragrance, smoke (cigarette or otherwise), cleaning supplies, road construction, etc. my throat becomes very irritated and it feels like there is a very heavy weight on my chest.

I am thankful that I have not gone into full blown anaphylaxis, but this experience isn’t any fun either…

And then today, I had a MCAD reaction to feminine hygiene products.

At first I didn’t realize what was going on…

It started with some minor itching and burning in my lady bits… But also all over so I didn’t really chalk it up to the tampon I was using… And then I had what we are calling episodes/seizures but are likely a neurological manifestation* of my MCAD symptoms… This episode was much longer than the previous ones that I have had and I lost consciousness. When I regained consciousness, the itching in my lady parts was almost unbearable and I had also begun developing hives all over my body.

At this point I realized what the issue was and I was able to take 50mgs of Benadryl and a Pepcid and remove the tampon but the hives continued to come and go despite the Benadryl.

We ran to the store in search of new feminine hygiene products and I am astonished by how few products are out there that are a.) scent/fragrance free but b.) chemical free in general. This is RIDICULOUS.

Obviously prior to an issue like this I wouldn’t have noticed something like this but it was difficult to even find unscented pads. I had to purchase pads for teens because apparently our children deserve less chemical filled products than we do?

I am so confused.

Who in their right mind is thinking “You know what, my pad better be scented so my vagina will smell nice and fresh in case someone comes sniffing around down there!” We aren’t animals! We don’t sniff each others butts to greet each other.

Anyway… I have purchased a Tampax Cup and it will be here tomorrow thank you Prime One Day campus shipping… We will see how this adventure goes.


*As a reminder, during these episodes/seizures the world around me slows down tremendously. So much so that I struggle to process what is going on and struggle to respond to help those around me help me. Sometimes, not always but sometimes, I will lose consciousness. These episodes do not seem to last very long but they are scary. During these episodes my heart rate is in the low 40’s and sometimes even as low as the mid 30’s. We have don an EEG, but no abnormalities were found.

One thought on “As if Periods Weren’t Difficult Enough…

  1. I could almost hear myself say the same things about products and the ideas that manufactures come up with. Yep, I hope no one comes sniffing, Laugh so hard, sorry for what you are going thru but thanks for the laugh.

    Liked by 1 person

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