Blogmas Day 10: Show Off Your Christmas Tree

In my previous post I showed you my favorite ornaments so I thought it would be fun to show your our Christmas tree in all of its glory and then for kicks and giggles… I threw in our front yard decorations as well.

The other night dad and I went to Walmart to pick up Grandma’s Christmas gift because she doesn’t play by our rules (more on that in a minute) and we ended up buying FOUR more yard blow ups. We just couldn’t help ourselves. But I guess as the sayings go… You only live once and you can’t take it with you! Money that is.

What I mean by Grandma doesn’t play our rules… For the last several years, my extended family has been trying to figure out what exactly is right for our family to do for Christmas. For a while we did what I think most families do… Everyone bought gifts for everyone. But that got expensive quickly… especially with all of us kids no longer being kids. Gifts for adults are expensive. So we have just been testing out new things and trying to figure out what we do and don’t like.

But Grandma doesn’t really play by that nonsense. She buys gifts for everyone every year. She doesn’t expect a gift from everyone in return but she is the glue that holds our family together. She has been there for everyone when times have been tough. She was there when my uncle was in a car accident and helped care for their children while my aunt focused on him. She transported the kids back and forth across the state so they could see their father and still go to school and keep up with their other engagements and responsibilities. And then when my mom died she helped us adjust to our new normal by coming over several times a week and helping with laundry and dinner and whatever else she could. And when my aunt had her stroke she was there to support her at therapy, to drive her to doctors appointments, to help take care of daily chores… whatever needed to be done. Christmas is one of our opportunities to say we see what you do and it means a lot and even though we may not say thank you enough, we really truly appreciate it.

Anyway… enough jabbering. Without further adieu…


3 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 10: Show Off Your Christmas Tree

    1. both of these videos were taken on my phone! and as you can see, i am not exactly the most steady myself… but i definitely wanted to go ahead and share anyway! 🙂
      thank you for the sweet comment!


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