Three Strikes, You’re Out! Part 2

Like I mentioned… it’s been a really rough couple of months… 

The last week of May, I received another last minute e-mail requesting me to attend a meeting that afternoon with my boss, Jackie*. In this meeting, I received my third and final write up. This time I was written up for being a minute or two late (based on the time I signed in to my computer… so technically, I was actually there on time, I just didn’t sign it to my computer early enough) and not texting or calling Jackie* to let her know that I was going to be “late”.

I was told that if I was written up again, I would be terminated. I was also told that I would need to take two online professional development classes… to be done before the last week of June.

I did the training, and everything was quiet and status quo for several months…

But as of August 23rd, I am no longer working for that University.

The day started off like any other day. I got to work at 8 AM. I had a very productive morning. I worked through my lunch, as I almost always did (whether I needed to flex through my lunch or not) and shortly after lunch, I received a last-minute meeting invitation for that afternoon at 3:00 PM with my boss, Jackie*.

Immediately, I had a feeling that my day was about to take a drastic turn…

When I received that last-minute meeting invitation on August 23rd, I had a feeling that I was being terminated. I was so confident that was the case, that I texted my dad to let him know that I had once again received a last-minute meeting invitation and asked if he could make his schedule flexible at that time so that if the meeting was what I thought it was, he would be available to help me pack up my things…

Now, don’t get me wrong, I remained hopeful that I was not going to be terminated… that I was being paranoid because of my anxiety…

But unfortunately, that was not the case.

I walked into that meeting and was informed that I was being terminated for listening to podcasts while working.

Yes you did read that right. For listening to podcasts 1 wireless bluetooth headphone in while working. While others around me played music that wasn’t always work appropriate on the sound bar on their computer, disturbing those around them.

I had received my final strike. I was told I could either choose to resign in lieu of termination or I would be terminated.

If I resigned, I would receive two weeks of severance pay, all the vacation that I had accrued (81 hours), they would not fight any unemployment application should I apply, but I would lose the right to fight my termination and I cannot be hired back at the university for another three years (which is just policy. If you are terminated for ANY reason, for example missing too much work due to a disability, then you cannot be hired back for another three years).

If I took the termination, I would lose all of that, still not be able to be hired back for 3 years, but I would be able to fight the termination.

I chose to resign and take the month paid off.

But here’s the thing… I worked at the university for roughly 3 years and six months before I received a single write up… Then all of a sudden my behavior becomes a problem and I am written up for things that I have literally been doing for years without so much as a word… Minor things mind you. Even more odd… these write ups started right around the time that I started having neurological episodes that we are calling seizures** at work. And 8 days before I was terminated, I had two seizures in one day at work. I just can’t help but wonder… You know?

A week after I resigned, I reactivated and updated my profile. Over the next few days, half a dozen families messaged me to see if I was available.  I interviewed with two of them last week and accepted a full time position with one of them on Friday of last week. I will start on Monday, September 30th. 

I truly can’t wait! I have always loved working with on a more individual basis with kids. I loved being a nanny and I am truly excited to get back to it!

When one door closes, another door opens.

*side note*

names have been changed for privacy

**side note**

During these episodes my world is in slow motion and even though I can hear what others around me are saying, my brain is operating so slowly, I can’t process what is being said… I’m basically catatonic, conscious but not there. But sometimes I will also lose consciousness. We also know my heart rate falls into the low 40’s mid 30’s (normal is 60-70’s). These episodes can last anywhere from 15 minutes to more than an hour long from start to finish, but I never know how long they last unless I am with someone who is aware that the episode is happening.


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