Blogmas Day 6: Give an Experience, Make a Memory

I have previously mentioned that as an extended family, instead of purchasing and giving material gifts, we are starting a new tradition called “Give an Experience Make a Memory”. Chances are you have probably seen or heard a little bit about this on social media somewhere but if not I will explain how this is a stark difference from what we have done in previous years.

On Blogmas Day 3 I shared how our family traditions and celebrations have changed over the last several years. That included gift giving.

In the most recent years we have chosen to draw names and participate in a Secret Santa. This saved those traveling long distances from having to travel with gifts for every member of the family but also was more cost friendly.

While we enjoyed celebrating this way, it just never felt quite right so we decided this year to give a new tradition a whirl. So, instead of giving material gifts this year, we will be giving the gift of our presence.

What does that mean?

That means that instead of spending money on a gift, we are giving quality time. We can choose to give quality time to each individual person or to the family unit, whichever fits best. We can choose not to spend a penny or we can choose to go all out.

As an example:

I could gift a movie night to the women in my family. This wouldn’t cost me a dime because it would be at home. But we would likely make lots of fun memories.

Or I could choose to take my cousin to lunch just the two of us so that we could reconnect. This would only cost me gas driving to lunch and the lunch tab.

Or I could hold a game night for the entire family which wouldn’t cost me anything because it would once again be held at home with games we already have but we would gain lots of fun memories.

Of course there are lots of expensive options as well. Disney. A backpacking trip across Europe. A trip to Las Vegas. It all just depends on your budget.

But the most important point is to *do* something with the people you love and *make* memories together doing that something… instead of purchasing a material item that will likely be appreciated temporarily and then end up in a closet/cupboard/drawer somewhere.


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